Labware Identification Labels

We know how important it is to reliably label your labware so that you can ensure there are no issues with traceability or auditing of your samples and processes.
Your Labware Labels are exposed to solvents and the extremely low temperatures of cryo storage. This means your labels could degrade, peel off or become illegible.
Reduce the chances of poor labeling leading to regulatory and compliance failures. Protect the value of your samples and studies by choosing durable labels suited to your lab's requirements.
Our labels are ideal for use on labware that needs to be reliably identified: 
  • Resistance to solvents and extremely low temperatures.
  • Permanent adhesive matched well to plastic, glass and metal containers.
  • Labels can be cleanly removed when labware needs to be recycled and reused.
  • Labels can be preprinted with patient or sample information.
  • Color coding and high definition bar codes for quick identification.

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