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Component ID Labels

Durable component identification both during and post-production

We know how important it is for components used in the electro-mechanical manufacturing industry to be labeled for easy identification. You need to quickly and reliably see parts and manufacturer information to help you maintain an efficient process for build, repair and part replacement.

Avoid unnecessary costs with durable long-lasting CILS labels 

Label failure means time lost because engineers need to research the manufacturer and correct parts to use as a replacement. You need labels that will last and adhere well for the lifetime of your products, to save you the costs of relabeling and to make maintenance easier.


Our component ID labels are perfect for use on hard drives, fans, linear drives, motors, silicon chips and more:

  • Print your own variable data such as rating info, serial numbers, and linear and 2D barcodes using a thermal transfer or standard desktop laser printer.
  • Labels as small as 5mm × 5mm, without any loss of print quality for maximum bar code readability.
  • Hard-wearing for handling, and resistant to ambient heat from machines.
  • Supports full-color logos and your own ID data, making replacement and repair easy.
  • Surface-specific adhesives deliver adhesion for the life of the product.

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