Laboratory labels

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A damaged or detached label could mean that a clinical trial has to be ended, with the need for new samples to be taken. This could have a huge impact on patients' lives, as well as incurring costs associated with the safe disposal of specimens and the waste of laboratory time and resources. The right durable labels can help to minimize such risks.

Unlike normal labels, those used in a lab often have to withstand extremes conditions, from the freezing cold of liquid nitrogen cryotubes to the high heat and pressure of steam sterilization in autoclaves.

Medical and research laboratories need robust labeling for many different uses, from flasks to seals to cryogenic tubes.

Typical Applications

We work with companies such as Illumina, Sanofi Pasteur, Biomerieux, GSK, Pfizer to provide a range of labels suited to many laboratory uses, such as Metal, Plastic and Glass Labware Labels; Cap and Tube Labels; Freezer, Cryo-Storage; Microplate Labels; Contamination Seals; Specimen Slide Labels; and Vial and Ampoule Labels.

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