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Laboratory labels

Laboratory labels play an essential part in all types of research sample identification processes used in many different laboratory environments. Designed to last in harsh environments and for safeguarding valuable data they are perfect for applications used in laboratory research that involves biotechnology, research and development, government clinical trials/protection agencies and animal health.

CILS international - labware label examples

As a leading laboratory self-adhesive label manufacturer, we provide the following:

What are laboratory labels?

Laboratory labels have exceptional label durability that can withstand cold, ultra-low and cryogenic storage from -320.8F to the extreme temperatures of steam sterilisation of +266F.

Material options are also available that offer chemical and solvent resistance, this ensures critical sample / patient data remains legible, ideally suited for histology labeling and other laboratory research applications.

Features of CILS laboratory labels:

  • Exceptional label durability and resistance to chemicals and solvents

  • Thousands of materials and adhesive combinations available for every surface and application

  • Labels stay attached for the life of your samples

  • Valuable sample data stays in tact with no degrading or fading

  • Self-adhesive labels made to any shape, size, colour and design

  • Add value to your samples with a professional label appearance – for example we can pre-print your logo

  • Add value to your product with a professional label appearance

  • Removable for short term durable identification

We offer a variety of label material, adhesive and security options:

  • Durable white or coloured polyester

  • Ultra-solvent resistant polyester for chemical resistance

  • Durable vinyl and polypropylene

  • Opaque, water soluble and repositionable materials

  • Removable and ultra-removable materials

  • Permanent adhesives for smooth, slightly textured or rough surfaces

  • Tamper evident features for security that include tamper, void, slits and perforations

Our laboratory labels are resistant to:

  • Cold temperatures laboratory freezers -4°F

  • Ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers and dry ice transportation -112°F

  • Liquid nitrogen (cryogenic storage) and deep freeze thaw temperatures 320.8F

  • High temperature for steam sterilisation 266°C

  • Data smudging and fading

  • Alcohol and water

  • Detergent

  • Chemicals

  • Mild solvents

  • Handling and abrasion

As an ISO 9001: 2015 approved label manufacturer, we are committed to quality with laboratory leading turnaround times shipping to national and international destinations. Trusted worldwide for a good reason, why not talk to our team now about how our CILS Laboratory label range can perform for your laboratory applications.

CILS have worked with companies such as Agilent, Illumina, Charles River, Sanofi Pasteur, Biomerieux, GSK and Pfizer and have designed and manufactured labels that are not only cost effective but last the lifetime of their samples.

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