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Cryovial and Straw Labels

We understand how important it is to label your cryovials and straws reliably, to help preserve the information for your lab's valuable samples and specimens.

Cryovial and straw labels need to withstand many laboratory conditions including exposure to alcohol, flash freezing, being stored at -196°C (-320°F) and transportation in cryogenic boxes at -80°C (-112ºF).

Choose good durable labels to achieve high levels of traceability and reduce the risks of lost investments inexpensive animal breeding programs.

Our freezer and cryogenic label range provide clear and secure sample identification for all labware stored in conventional or liquid nitrogen freezers, or transported on dry ice.

These freezer-proof labels are perfect for cryovials and boxes. They are available in any size, shape or format, including cap and tube label sets, self-laminating wrap-around labels and more.

Our labels are ideal for use on cold storage items that need to be reliably identified: 

  • Low-temperature labels resist down to -196°C (-320°F).
  • Resistant to moisture and detergents.
  • Labels can be applied at cold temperatures.
  • Permanent adhesion, especially on curved surfaces (micro vials, tubes, straws).
  • Easy to remove when needed without leaving behind any residue.
  • For transit and storage, including dry ice, conventional freezing and liquid nitrogen. 
  • Printable from your PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer.

Options available:

  • Liquid nitrogen resistant – perfect for long-term cryogenic storage down to -196°C (-320°F).
  • Freeze resistant – down to -80°C (-112ºF) and for transportation on dry ice.
  • White and colored label options – for quick and easy sample identification.
  • Conformable options – avoid labels unraveling on rounded or contoured objects. 
  • Self-laminate options – for added durability and adhesion.
  • Cap and Tube label sets – for sample data that is carried on the cap so there is no need to remove and handle tubes in cryostorage.
  • Long-term storage labels - Ideal for transportation of glass and polypropylene centrifuge tubes on dry ice at -80°C (-112ºF).
  • Removable label options – suitable for use on glass and plasticware and perfect for in-transit or temporary product labeling.

Typical Applications:

  • Cryo-tubes and cryo-vials
  • IVF liquid straws
  • Tube caps Microplates / wellplates
  • Cryo-boxes
  • Low-temperature sample transit
  • Long-term storage at -80°C (-112ºF) and below

These labels are also resistant to abrasion, smudging, heat, moisture, solvents, cleaning agents, sterilization etc.

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