Autoclave and Sterilization Labels

We understand how important it is for your laboratory labels to retain their integrity even when exposed to tough conditions.
Your Autoclave and Sterilization Labels need to withstand steam sterilization and rapid changes in temperature without detaching from the glassware or beakers. They also have to retain good adhesion to ensure quality control of stainless-steel items.
Choose good durable labels to minimize the chances of wastage and lower the cost of replacing glassware. We also have a computer printable label that indicates when autoclaving has taken place.
Our labels are ideal for use on lab equipment subjected to tough operating conditions:
  • Resistance to high heat and pressure found in autoclaves.
  • Resistance to detergents used during sterilization.
  • Excellent adhesion to glassware and stainless-steel surfaces.
  • Durable labels that support handwritten notes.
  • Color coding for quick identification.
  • Easy to remove when needed, with no reside left behind.
  • Autoclave indicating options.

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