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Merging multiple label designs into one set

Optimize your label printing to reduce waste, save money and time

In these uncertain times, now more than ever before, it is crucial to optimize your label printing to reduce waste, save time and money. One-way CILS can help your business achieve this is to combine multiple label designs into one computer printable set. 

How we used this method to help a medical device manufacturer

In this example, a French medical device manufacturer amalgamated 3 separate durable label designs into one set and using NiceLabel software created a new print template that incorporated all the data for the three labels. We printed the important colour approval logos and left space available for the customer to print their own variable data.

This meant they were able to print their sequential product serial numbers, etc. using their existing thermal transfer printer on all three of the labels in one set, on one print run. This eliminated the waste of time and labels during printer calibration for three separate labels.

The customer manufactures thousands of products and this new ‘set’ format presented a cost reduction opportunity with price breaks for a higher number of sets rather than lower quantities of three separate labels which had less attractive price breaks.

What CILS offer

We have over 30 years’ experience solving complicated labeling challenges providing the highest quality durable labels on the market. Our consultative approach means we work with you to make sure we find the correct solution, first time that will work.

We can offer label printer and software packages from as little as £360.00 as well as printing services that include providing blank, part-printed, or fully-printed durable labels in any shape or size with economical pricing breaks.

We are not a catalog as such don’t operate like one. We tailor everything to your specific needs working with you to come up with the right label for your application.

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