Changing supplier for an UL approved product

If you already have UL labels that have been approved on your product but wish to change supplier, be that due to an existing label supplier no longer following the UL program or perhaps the supplier has gone out of business, it's easy and straight forward to do so.

It's a simple process of looking at the UL approved label construction that we have available that our specialists think will be appropriate for you needs and application. Then you will need to contact your UL engineer and they will compare the yellow card of your existing label material that you are currently using to the one we are suggesting. The UL engineer will establish whether or not the new label material is a suitable replacement, if so you will be able to switch label supplier for a small fee. The fee is much smaller than what you would otherwise have to pay for re-approval.

This is also the case if you needed to undertake an extra test because the demands of the specific UL approval category required it on your product such as for fire extinguishers. For example, if you have had an extra rub test that was needed for a specific UL category, the UL engineer will look at these types of situations and make a decision as to whether you will be required to undertake the further test on the replacement label or not. It is possible to get a concession and if successful you won't need to undertake the extra test and you can change suppliers relatively easily.   

If you would like to speak to a specialist about any UL labelling requirements please phone, email or contact us by filling out any of the forms on the website to make an enquiry.