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CILS launch ‘Anti-Static’ PCB Durable Labels to help protect electronic devices

Anti static label on circuit board

As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, the protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is all the more important. Industrial labeling experts CILS have launched the new CILS-8/9100AS label range to help protect PCB’s and their components from ESD both during their application and through the label life on the product.

The new CILS-8100ESD range of anti-static labels feature a static dissipative surface coating, non-conductive pressure sensitive adhesive and low tribocharging levels when peeled from the release liner. CILS-8100ESD are also resistant to chemicals, abrasionextreme temp (-67°F to +311°C), infrared ovens, solvents, deionised water, detergents etc.

CILS-8100ESD anti-static labels are perfect for static sensitive PCB’S, component identification, electronic devices, warranty labeling etc. CILS anti-static labels are made to any size, shape, format and design can be printed ‘in-house, on demand’ straight from a standard Laser or Thermal Transfer printer.

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