CILS printable heat proof labels streamlines school catering service.

CILS Oven Resistant Labels

An innovative school catering provider challenged CILS to develop low cost, computer printable lunch box labels which could survive oven heating for up to an hour at +392°F in order to save food preparation time and ensure accuracy of menu orders through to delivery.
Their problem arose when the standard paper labels used to mark individual lunchbox details e.g. child’s name, school, lunch option and date etc., curled and became unreadable when oven heated to +392°F, making it difficult to identify and allocate the correct lunchbox to the right child.
Considering a variety of label material and adhesive options CILS label technicians solved the problem by recommending laser and thermal transfer printable paper labels (CILS-9700GBO and CILS-8700GBO) with a heat resistant adhesive.
Following successful testing, the customer chose the laser printable CILS-9700GBO labels which worked with their existing printers with a view to move to the thermal transfer option in the future to minimize label wastage.