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Cost effective Avionics LRU Labels

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



Labeling Avionics LRU’s (Line Replacement Units) is a great example of where durable labels and print versatility is required to create a cost-effective Avionics LRU label solution.

These sealed modular units are built, stocked and ready for immediate replacement on aircraft, ships, spacecraft or any other manufactured device that needs quick replacement at an operating location.

The label on an LRU needs to be durable so that nameplate data such as the LCN (Logistics Control Number), WUC (Works Unit Code), Part number, Serial number, Cage code, Barcode, Temperature, Tray Size, Connectors, Attachment points, weight ranges, etc. remain visible at all times and a solvent acrylic permanent adhesive is needed to make sure the label stays attached during storage, transportation and most importantly, end-use.

If the unit fails and needs to be swapped the label is vital for correct LRU identification, replacement and repair.

LRU manufacturers make generic LRU’s which need to be branded for each customer (white label products) or ‘direct-to-market’ LRU’s (black label products). Quantities may be small and it is expensive to outsource the manufacture of individual labels so computer imprintable labels are ideal.

Whether you specifically manufacture Avionics LRU’s or any other types of equipment or components in a similar production scenario, these are your options: 

Buy durable blank computer imprintable labels for economy and print them yourself using a standard office laser or thermal transfer printer.

Buy partially printed durable labels for a professional look. We can pre-print whatever you want in color, to a professional finish and you can print your data using a standard office laser or thermal transfer printer.

Provide us with your data and we provide fully printed durable labels for a professional look without having to print them yourself.

In some instances where each manufactured item is unique requiring a different size label every time, we can provide A4, LTR, A5 and mini sheets of label material for you to print the label you need and carefully cut it to size.

Tell us how you produce your products and the label printing versatility you need in a phone call, email or fill in a form and one of our technical specialists will run through all labeling options and provide you with samples and prices.

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