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Industries that benefit from durable labels

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Durable computer imprintable labels are a crucial identification method for industries worldwide. These specialist labels are constructed to survive harsh environments and are printable using a standard laser or thermal transfer printer.

This blog summarizes key industries that benefit from using computer imprintable durable labels including the typical purposes they serve and the durability challenges they need to resist.

The 7 main industries that benefit from using durable printable labels


Durable, computer imprintable labels are found across all areas of the automotive sector from car and truck manufacture to motorized street cleaning tools, folding bus doors and Formula 1.

Labels are used in every part of a vehicle requiring identification whether ‘under the hood’ or within the vehicle interior itself.

Applications range from: alternators, starter motors, hoses, cables and harnesses, engine management systems, pumps, motors, carbon composite, the list goes on. 

Depending on the application, durable computer printable labels are selected for their resistance to:

  • oils, fuels and grease
  • high-temperatures
  • automotive processes
  • internal and external conditions

Aerospace and Avionics

Durable printable labels play a critical role within aerospace, enabling components to be identified, tracked and traced through each tier of the supply chain. 

Applications surfaces include: engines, wing panels, black box recorders and security scanning equipment, to in-flight entertainment systems and catering storage and distribution equipment.

Computer printable labels are chosen for their tolerance to:

  • frequent temperature fluctuation,
  • self-extinguishing properties
  • resistance to aviation fuels including Skydrol®

Specific durable labels are specified where compliance and quality standards such as RoHS, REACH, ASTM E595, MIL-STD, CSA and UL are necessary.

Road and Rail  

Computer imprintable labels are found on roads and railways around the world.

Application surfaces include: train panels and carriages, signalling equipment, street lamps, street sweepers, illuminated signs, crash barriers etc. 

Durable labels offer tolerance against:

  • harsh weathering
  • UV exposure
  • dirty and abrasive environments

This makes them an ideal choice for identifying panels, enclosures, safety equipment and providing information and hazard warning notices.

Chemical, Oil and Gas

Identification of equipment and containers to maintain a safe and compliant work environment is vital within the oil, chemical and gas industry.

Durable printable labels offer a robust and versatile identification solution for applications ranging from pipes and hoses to chemical drums.

High performance printable labels withstand exposure to:

  • weathering/UV
  • oils, grease, fuels
  • extreme temperatures 
  • marine environments (long immersion in salt water)
  • Solvent and chemical resistant

Computer imprintable labels are also used to fulfill the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance and BS 5609.


Durable labels benefit electronics manufacturers around the world for their effectiveness in component identification and tracking and for their ability to withstand the harsh processes in PCB production and electronics assembly lines.

Able to resist:

  • extreme temperatures
  • solvents
  • abrasion
  • as well as featuring flame retardant and anti-static properties

This makes durable labels ideal for applications ranging from printed circuit boards and electrical components to cable harness and assembly management. 

Electro-Mechanical Equipment

Electro-mechanical products are required to display an ever-increasing amount of information from product data to electrical rating, safety information, branding, compliance, the list goes on.

The principle identification product for these applications – from the smallest electronic servomotor to the industrial pumps – is the rating plate label, specifically constructed to surpass traditional metal plates in durability, convenience and cost. 

Rating and other durable labels are perfectly matched to withstand the toughest industrial conditions including:

  • weathering
  • abrasion
  • UV exposure
  • hydraulic fluids
  • oils and grease

Information and communication technology (ICT)            

Durable printable labels are widely used within the telecom, audio-visual and ICT industry enabling fast identification and recovery of data cables, wires and components through to the identification of audio-visual and telecommunications devices.

Offering resistance to:

  • extreme weathering
  • high temperatures
  • frequent handling and abrasion

This makes durable labels the choice for rugged, exposed environments.

Durability is the key

Durable labels are manufactured using specific combinations of adhesives, label materials and coatings matched to exact specifications including, printing method, regulatory compliance and the labels end-use environment.

When correctly matched durable printable labels will resist:

  • Extreme temperatures    
  • Abrasion                                                                       
  • Fuels and oils                                                               
  • Solvents and chemicals              
  • Severe weathering
  • UV exposure                          
  • Oils/grease/hydraulic & break fluids                       
  • Cleaning agents   
  • Hydraulic fluids

How to find the right label 

Selecting the right durable label can be difficult without the help and experience of a computer imprintable label manufacturer.

CILS consultative approach simplifies the process of sourcing durable labels. We work with you to identify your requirement and use our extensive industry knowledge to manufacture the most appropriate label solution for your needs.

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