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Q & A: UL Mark approval process for the ‘R’ Type Follow-up Service

What is the full UL Mark approval process for the ‘R’ Type Follow-up Service? (LISTED, CLASSIFIED, CERTIFIED)

  1. The customer receives product certification.

  2. The customer builds the UL Mark’s elements based on the 'Listings and Classifications Mark Data Page' included in the file procedure for their product, or by checking the UL Mark’s elements on the Guide Card at or by contacting the UL Label Center if they wish to use the Certified Mark.

  3. The customer downloads legacy UL marks from the UL website or requests the Enhanced Mark in the  UL ‘Marks Hub’

  4. The customer prepares a label layout and submits it to the Label Center for approval with the Req # from the Marks Hub for the Enhanced UL Mark.

  5. Local UL Label Center sends this stamped/approved artwork back to the UL customer

  6. UL customer sends this stamped artwork to the PGAA approved label supplier



The UL customer can submit the UL authorization to the label supplier in the form of a label layout that has been stamped, signed and dated by a representative of UL’s Label Center or as an alternative the UL customer may provide a copy of the UL Mark description contained on a 'Listings and Classifications Mark Data Page' from their UL Procedure if they are using the traditional Classified Mark.

Either of these documents is the supplier’s authorization to reproduce the UL Mark.

  1. PGAA approved label supplier manufactures the labels
  2. PGAA approved label supplier holds authorization on file for their follow up service inspection
  3. UL customer re-orders labels from the PGAA approved supplier at any time without the involvement of the UL Label Centre.

Refer to CILS Flowchart ‘R’ - click here

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