Eliminating slide label over laminating problem CILS ultra-solvent laboratory labels

A global provider of laboratory consumables turned to CILS to create an ultra-solvent resistant label for slide labeling kits which could survive prolonged exposure and submersion in Xylene (and other aggressive solvents such as IMS and IDA) without text smudging, lifting or labels falling off slides. It was also essential that the label would not stain when exposed to slide/tissue staining processes. 

The problem with the existing slide labels used was that they had to be separately over-laminated to achieve the desired solvent resistance before slide kits could be sent out to laboratories. This over lamination process added additional cost and time to each order.

To solve this, CILS label technicians created the new CILS-8100SGL, a thermal transfer printable slide label with ultra-solvent-resistant properties when printed with a CILS RRD ribbon. The new CILS-8100SGL labels are engineered not to discolor in sample staining processes and can withstand xylene submersion for up to 15 hours without falling off slides. Label data remains clear and legible even when exposed to temperatures ranging between -40°C (-40°F) and +150°C (+302°C), making these labels ideally suited to histopathology and other harsh laboratory processes.

The CILS-8100SGL material is part of the CILS Laboratory slide label range of products.