57% cost reduction by switching to durable labels from metal rating plates

CILS help a customer reduce label costs, wastage and improve their printing flexibility


A manufacturer of large heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for industrial and commercial facilities, needed an alternative solution to the 18 different metal rating plates they were using for their HVAC units.

Hand stamping each rating plate was a resource intensive and time consuming process, taking approximately 30 minutes to produce and rivet in place. There was no flexibility to change the information on the rating plate, and if an error was made, the plate was discarded and restarted. This meant wasted time, money and effort.


When they contacted CILS, their requirements were simple, to replace their rating plate labeling process with a more efficient and flexible solution, but with a product that could withstand all weather conditions. 

Initially the customer had reservations that computer printable labels would offer the required level of durability and the flexibility they needed to create many different types of rating plates they needed for their vast product range. 


We sent the customer sample labels for them to see the quality of our labels for themselves. They immediately agreed to a video meeting where we demonstrated how easy thermal transfer label printing is, regardless of whether one label is printed, or a batch. We showed how the label software templates could be tailored or simply deleted to allow for different label combinations to be produced.

They placed an order for our CILS-TGWPET (LSE) labels that are specifically designed for textured surfaces.

It now takes them half the original time and costs 57% less to produce each rating label. Using CILS durable labels, has given them a more versatile printing solution and calculated that the printer, ribbon and labels will have paid for itself in 248 units and will then save them $25 per unit.

... to find out more about our labels and label services.

... to find out more about our labels and label services.