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We specialize in labels that are durable and offer hundreds of different label constructions for a limitless number of end uses, meaning you make smarter labeling decisions faster with our quick consultative approach.

3 facts required to get you the correct label

  • What are you labeling?
  • What will be printed on it?
  • What will it come into contact with?

Let us know, we are ready to talk.

3 pieces of information for price and delivery

  • How many do you need?
  • What size and shape do you have in mind?
  • How quickly do you need them?

If you have this information, we can provide pricing.

Make confident label decisions faster than a catalog

We like to keep things simple, which we know our customer's value and is the reason why we don’t have a confusing catalog.

When we work together, you will see that durable labeling is technical and the questions we ask help us to understand the technicalities of your requirements to ensure we are able to recommend the labels you need in one or two conversations.

We visualise the life cycle of your label to make the correct recommendation

Our account managers are trained to ask the relevant questions needed to be able to visualise the life cycle of the label for your product or process.

They then draw upon our vast portfolio of label materials and customer application experience to provide you with one or more appropriate options.

The amount of detail we need depends on the complexity of your label application, and we take an innovative approach to make the process as short as possible.

Phone preferred for better understanding



Having a conversation over the phone, especially for new enquiries, is the quickest way to communicate without misinterpreting facts or suggestions.

If you have a number of people that need to be involved, we can set up a conference call, or join your preferred ‘online’ meeting platform.

If you can’t get to a phone, reach out using ‘webchat’ on our website or email.

Video conference for quick demonstrations



Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting or a quick video demonstration.

We have video conferencing facilities available on-demand to show you exactly what we mean when we provide you with a technical explanation. It also provides an opportunity to get to know your dedicated account manager and helps put a face to the name.

We can set up a video call on your PC, laptop or handheld device within minutes. We don’t need to see you, so long as you can see us.

Virtual sample packs


We have digital artworks of hundreds of real labels that we share with you during, or after a technical call.

This can provide inspiration for your label design rather than starting from scratch. In some cases, it confirms what information needs to be on a label.

Video clips

To reassure you of our label’s performance, we have created a series of short video clips to demonstrate label durability.

If we don’t have a demo video of the label and durability that you need, we have a video suite permanently set up to make a custom video clip for you.

We try to provide added value where we can, and in the information section of our website, you will also find videos that explain complex labelling subjects such as using the UL mark on UL approved products and labels.

Label samples

Every label enquiry receives a physical sample pack containing labels relevant to your end-use, that demonstrates the quality of the labels we manufacture.

When you need to conduct your own tests, we send specific samples to evaluate.

Smarter labelling decisions

We have used this consultative approach for over 30 years and our innovative use of technology helps you make smarter labeling decisions faster.

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