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Computer imprintable UL94 flame retardant labels

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



The UL 94 VTM-0 Standard provides a method for rating the ignition characteristics of plastic materials and at CILS International we have 2 labels that are UL94 VTM-0 rated and used heavily in the automotive, railway, marine, military and aviation industries.

CILS 8100FR is a gloss white Polyester flame retardant label that is printable by Thermal Transfer printer. The label has a solvent acrylic adhesive with an operational temperature of 302°F.

CILS 8900FR is a version with a higher operating temperature of 500°F and is thermal transfer printable and made from high-temperature resistant Polyimide.

Both labels offer low smoke and toxicity, are flame retardant and designed to prevent the spread of fire. The polyester version is ideal for under-hood automotive label applications whereas, the Polyimide version is more commonly used inside electronic products requiring flame retardance.

The labels have an excellent level of durability with resistance to harsh chemicals, particularly those found under the hood of a vehicle.

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