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How CILS can help you with your labelling decisions

At CILS, we help you make smarter labelling decisions using a simple consultative approach. Just tell us what you want to label, what the label needs to resist and we do the rest.

No complicated catalogue to navigate, just straight forward practical advice – give us a try by using any of the enquiry forms on our web site to tell us what you want to label.

We have been manufacturing for over 30 years and have labelled everything you could imagine. We are passionate about understanding the end-use for our labels and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Its this knowledge that makes us especially good at solving complicated label challenges.

So whether you just need basic durability or resistance to solvents, oils, fuels, abrasion, high temperatures, cryo storage or anything in between, we have a label that will work for you.

You print the labels yourself using a standard office laser or thermal transfer printer and they come blank, fully printed or partially printed where you print variable data and bar codes etc. onto a professionally printed label. 

We also supply Thermal Transfer printers, ribbons, software and complete printing systems.

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