Self-laminating Labels

The CILS self-laminating durable cable and wire label range adheres permanently to all industrial cables, wires, flexible hoses, pipes and conduits and are printable using your PC and laser or thermal transfer printer.

Self-laminating wrap around labels feature a clear, protective tail that permanently seal and safeguard all printed variable data for complete protection against chemicals, solvents, hydraulic oils, abrasion and extreme temperatures (-196°C to +388°C) - ideal for a wide range of applications and environments.

The CILS self-laminating durable label range is available in any size with a choice of any coloured print area for colour coding.


• Colour-coding allows for instant identification
• Fully computer printable
• Good conformability – suitable for round and flat cables and wires
• Excellent durability for harsh industrial environments
• Self-extinguishing
• Permanent solvent acrylic label adhesive

There are many applications for our self-laminating id labels such as:

• Instant cable identification and recognition
• Shielded twinax and coaxial cables
• Mineral insulated copper clad cables
• Computer patch panels
• Safety cables
• All aeronautical and automotive hydraulic / pneumatic cabling and hoses
• Marine/offshore and processing plant pipes and hoses

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