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3 Ways of reducing costs using computer imprintable labels

3 Ways of reducing costs using computer imprintable labels

More and more businesses are realising the cost saving efficiencies of printing durable labels in-house.
It’s easy to see why, when in many cases time is saved, wastage is reduced and the speed and quality of labelling increases. 

CILS works with customers worldwide every day providing them with high performance, customised durable labels and printing solutions that help them run more efficient labelling processes. If you are considering printing your own durable labels to help reduce costs, here are three ways using CILS labels can help…

# 1  You can use your existing PC and printer, and avoid purchasing expensive hardware

The advantage of computer printable durable labels is that they are specifically designed to be printable using a PC and desktop laser or thermal transfer printer, removing the need to invest in expensive printing equipment or outsourcing label design / production to external printers.

# 2  You control your label design for production flexibility

It’s so easy! Label design software puts you in control of printing your label data allowing you to make instant changes to layout, text, graphics, serial numbers, barcodes etc. Having the freedom to design and print the durable labels you need when you need them means you can now have faster turn-around times of label production and application, avoiding delays and downtime waiting for external label print production, not to mention delivery costs.

# 3  Reduce your label inventory and waste

You no longer need to over order pre-printed labels or throw away outdated label stock. Having the flexibility to print labels on-demand allows you to actively manage your label inventory levels in line with your production requirements, so you can save on some storage space too!

So what’s the next step?

If you want to find the best value durable labelling solution for your needs – talk to us. 

We will discuss the labels you are using now, the flexibility or cost-saving you are trying to achieve and recommend one or more label solutions which meet your objectives.

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