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Durable Label Manufacturer CILS Unveils Live Video Call Service – An Industry First!

Customers of Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd (CILS) can now connect face-to-face with label technicians through live video calls via their computer, tablet or mobile device.

The new CILS Video Call Service - a first for the durable labelling industry - gives customers across the industrial, laboratory and hospital sectors a new way to receive support in finding the right labelling solution for their specific application, or solving difficult labelling challenges.

The CILS Video Call Service saves customers time and money spent researching durable labeling, and aids the “right first time” approach to sourcing labels. This free service is available before, during and after CILS labels are manufactured. Oliver Stockton (CILS Managing Director) comments…

"As the need for durable labelling increases, it can be difficult for customers to know where to source labels specific to their application. To solve this issue, the CILS technical labeling team now provide a personal consultation service live online, giving people immediate answers to their questions, delivering practical demonstrations, troubleshooting printing problems and even screen sharing from their computer for assistance with custom label designs. These are just a few examples of situations where this technology can help customers, and how CILS continues to provide industry leading service…"

The CILS Video Call Service is now available for all customer enquiries for industrial, laboratory and hospital applications and can be arranged through the Video Call Service page.

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