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Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



New offices in France and Germany provide greater accessibility

We are proud of our global reach and because one-third of our customers are located in France and Germany, we have opened two new European satellite offices that will be used as regional bases to strengthen local customer relationships.

Our first priority is to provide a closer working relationship with our customers, and our European strategy also benefits you by providing seamless business continuity when the UK leaves the EU.

Always available for you

To give you the highest level of immediate technical support your dedicated account managers have always been based at the CILS Label Technology Centre in the UK but to provide greater local support we have re-structured our European label teams so that your Label Specialist can visit you more regularly yet still be available to provide the support you have always enjoyed.

Using technology for effective communication

We are immediately available and use the following technology to help deliver smarter labelling solutions for your business:

  • Live online video meetings – to demonstrate our labels, printers and software.
  • Online remote access demonstrations – to provide training and troubleshoot printer problems. 
  • Virtual and physical sample packs – PDF sample labels we can email you during telephone conversations, with physical label samples we can send you afterwards.
  • Label test performance video clips – to demonstrate our label durability and resistance against a range of solvents and chemicals
  • Onsite visits and workshops – to make sure you are getting the best out of your durable labels, printers and software.

Welcome to our new offices

Paris Roissy Airport
Le Dôme
1 rue de la Haye, BP 12910
Paris, 95731

Tel: 0800 91 07 09
Tel: +33 1 88 46 88 10

Eschborn, Business Park
Mergenthaler Allee 15-21
1st and 2nd floor
65760 Eschborn
Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Tel: 0800 1860 772
Tel: +49 619 6771 5946

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our new office locations, speak to your account manager or get in touch.

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