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How much does a printed, durable, computer imprintable label cost?

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



Computer imprintable labels are custom manufactured specifically for you and here is an explanation of the elements that contribute to the cost, and why there is no price list.

Design and number of colours

Computer imprintable labels are traditionally printed using ‘solid’ (or spot) colours that are applied individually to the label material and colours can never overlap or be mixed. These designs are one dimensional and the cost increases per colour.

CILS now has an alternative way to print your durable labels. Our unique CILS 3.0™ technology has the capability to print full colour, intricate, high-definition, vivid designs that brings your brand or logo to life, whilst being computer printable and highly durable. These are costed differently based on the total amount of ink used.

Print durability

Firstly, the print on a laser imprintable label is special and designed to resist the temperature of the laser printing process at ~190°C. A thermal transfer printable label needs to resist the friction passing the print head. Then there are different levels of durability.

  1. Durable print technology provides excellent resistance to temperature, abrasion and fluids.
  2. CILS Print Coat technology provides an extra durable coating but only over the print.
  3. CILS Print Guard technology provides a complete extra layer of protection over the print for ultimate durability.

The need to protect the print and the type of protection needed is determined by the end-use of your labels and we will provide guidance. This principle of ‘good, better, best’ has an impact on the price.

What would you like us to print?

We only charge a nominal amount, usually starting from around £40 for the materials used in creating label artwork. This ‘artwork’ fee is waived if you provide us with colour separated vector artwork. If you have no idea what that means, we will provide the services of our design department free of charge to take your label design from concept to usable file format.

I hope this gives an insight of what is considered in a label quote and to give you the most cost-effective price and cost alternatives, we work closely with you to thoroughly understand your needs and provide appropriate label options.

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