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Is CILS International prepared for Brexit?

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director


In advance of the original March 2019 Brexit deadline, CILS International put in place a number of contingency plans including a significant increase to our stocks of material components. We now have stock levels in place to accommodate orders for most labels for between 9 and 12 months.

During the current Brexit extension period we have not allowed any of our increased stock of contingency supplies to ‘run down’, nor do we intend to and we remain certain that we are well prepared for all potential outcomes including ‘no deal’.

We have also increased production capacity and where possible have manufactured customers scheduled orders for the next three months. We will continue to manufacture forward orders on a rolling three-month basis.

On the administration side, we have finished a program of recruiting to strengthen and increase our customer support team to cover all Brexit scenarios, provide pro-active customer support and handle any increased administration as a result of Brexit.

We are registered under the EORI scheme (GB435971525000) and we don’t believe any changes of certification will be required for our products should our products be treated as an export from the UK into the EU after Brexit.

We have a strong working relationship with our logistic partner's UPS and upgraded our European shipping/invoicing systems ready to bring every European shipment into line with our current international exports should there be ‘no deal’. We have over 10,000 customers around the world and have been shipping our labels to countries outside of the EU for over 25 years, so the administration and documentation is very familiar.

Finally, we are continuing to invest in research & development, new production methods, increased capacity, IT infrastructure, staffing, and training unabated.

Customers and prospective customers should speak to their account manager for the latest updates and can also speak with me directly if required to alleviate any concerns during this period of uncertainty.

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