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Protect your assets with tamper evident security labels

CILS industrial-grade security labels are the perfect option if you need to protect your assets from being tampered with or altered. We have 8 cost-effective solutions available, from labels that will leave a VOID message upon attempted removal to labels that will break up as soon as removal is attempted (we call this the ‘eggshell’ effect). This gives fool proof product protection in minutes.

Holographic label

The labels use a specially formulated strong adhesive, that is fast-curing and instantly bonds to most surfaces including smooth, textured, powder-coated and low-energy surfaces. These labels can survive the harshest of industrial environments, which makes them ideal for all product warranty, security seals, type approval labels, product liability, safety applications and component ID's.

8 security label solutions to protect your assets

There are various features that a security label can have depending on what’s needed however, as a general rule of thumb all security labels are impossible to remove without compromising the label. Popular security label features include:

  1. ‘Void’ evident labels that leave a ‘VOID’ message with attempted removal.
  2. Tamper proof labels that disintegrates like an “eggshell” with attempted removal.
  3. Anti-tamper security slit labels that have pre-specified cuts that do not stay intact and tear upon attempted removal.
    Holographic tamper labels are designed to be clear but when removed leave a holographic ‘Void’ pattern.
  4. Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved tamper and ‘Void’ evident labels that have been through VCA testing and been approved showing that they are compliant with EU regulation 19/2011~249/2012. Letter of non-concern provided.
  5. Ultraviolet ‘Void’ labels leave an invisible adhesive trace that can’t be seen by the naked eye and can only be detected by UV light.
  6. Removable tamper evident labels remove cleanly from the application but leave a 'Void' message on the label so it cannot be re-applied.
  7. Perforated tamper evident labels have perforations that break apart upon attempted removal, indicating clearly that the label has been tampered with. Ideal for screw cap tubes etc.

CILS tamper proof and security labels can be made to any size, shape and or design depending on your requirements, which means it will be matched precisely to your security application needs.

We are able to print your variable data such as serial numbers, barcodes, product information, etc. onto the labels whilst ensuring that the data remains legible and easy to read. These are printable straight from your PC using a standard laser or thermal transfer printer with accompanying label design software. Most thermal transfer printers include a basic design software package however, we do recommend using Nice Label if you are in the market for a software solution.

Our labels are exceptionally durable and will keep their integrity even when exposed to extreme temperatures (-55°C to +155°C), weathering, abrasion and industrial solvents.

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