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Why CILS International doesn’t have a catalogue

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



The problem with creating a catalogue for computer imprintable labels is that we manufacture hundreds of different label constructions and there are so many different applications across industry it’s impossible to create a user-friendly, easy to navigate catalogue. Also, we are label innovators constantly creating new label constructions to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Some companies produce a catalogue based around mass-produced label materials and have put them into categories such as temperature range, print method, solvent resistance etc. but the problem is that these label materials have been created to cover as many applications as possible and by default have become generic. It is not always possible to see that the label you are selecting will work for your particular set of durability requirements. For instance, the phrases “Excellent durability” or “good solvent resistance’ in a catalogue are very subjective.

A summary of tests may be available for these materials but again it is very difficult to put the results into a catalogue format to choose from, also it is important that test data is only used as a guide and not used for specification purposes because the end-use of every label for each customer is different.

Looking at our past enquiries, we see that new customers contact us because they have become confused or have purchased durable labels that have not performed well for their specific application, often chosen from a catalogue.

It is also a popular misconception from a catalogue that the more solvent resistant, permanent or expensive a label is etc., the better it will generally perform. This is not the case. 

Durable computer imprintable labels are developed with specific end-use in mind. For instance, to achieve optimum solvent resistance on a solvent resistant label, the labels' surface will have been developed with an imprintable coating specifically to resist solvents, the by-product may be that abrasion resistance has been compromised. Therefore, if you need both solvent and high abrasion resistance, you need to find a label that has been developed specifically for both. For that, you will need our end-use experience gained from over 10,000 customers around the world.

The secret to our success is to keep things simple for you and share our knowledge, label range and innovation capabilities to provide you with the correct durable label. 

We believe that you shouldn’t need to become label experts to figure out what you need from a catalogue by understanding the difference between labels, their adhesives, materials, computer imprintable coatings, print methods etc. 

We make selecting a label simple by qualifying the end-use of your durable label, make a recommendation or walk you through a few alternatives. We then provide immediate pricing but if you want to evaluate our suggestions for yourself, we actively encourage this and send you the samples that you need.

Let us know what you need in a call, email, use live chat or fill in a form so we can quickly get you the label you need.

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