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Challenges of Outdoor Labelling

We have a range of labels (TGWPET and TSSPET) that have been tested against UV exposure for 750 hours in a weatherometer. This is considered within industry to mean that labels that pass this process should not fail within the expected lifespan of a product when it is used outdoors.

This however is very subjective and dependent on a number of factors including:

  • Geographical location, the Arizona desert is very different to Scotland
  • Outdoor duration, is the label permanently outdoors?
  • Label position, south facing and exposed will deteriorate quicker than shaded areas
  • Weather exposure, salt spray, rain etc.
  • Constant or fluctuating temperatures

Because of these factors it is impossible to clearly say what 750 hours in a UV-chamber represents in real time end use outside.

The UV-exposure is a standardized test with a Xenon Arc Lamp producing light in a certain wavelength at an intensity of (0.35 W/m2), samples are exposed to this light for 102 minutes followed by 18 minutes exposure to water then the cycle starts again. The temperature is controlled as well as the humidity. Note that this is a standard industry test to compare labels against each other and a control, it is not a test to prove suitability for any particular application.

If the label is going to be permanently positioned outdoors we have solutions for greater outdoor exposure:

  • CILS 8400-OD10 White Cast Vinyl – 10 year outdoor rated
  • CILS 8400C-OD8 Clear Cast Vinyl – 8 year outdoor rated
  • CILS 8400C-OD7 Clear Cast Vinyl – 7 year outdoor rated
  • TGYCVLSE+ Yellow Cast Vinyl – 8 year outdoor rated
  • TGSCVLSE+ Silver Cast Vinyl - 6 year outdoor rated
  • TGBCVLSE+ Black Cast Vinyl - 10 year outdoor rated


There is no guarantee of the long term performance of these materials for all the reasons mentioned above, however they will provide the greatest amount of outdoor durability of any durable label.

Please contact me to discuss the best option for your specific circumstances

If you are scientifically minded and want to learn more about the challenges of comparing actual and simulated weather exposures on a synthetic material I found this great read on Google named: Service Life Prediction of Polymers and Plastics Exposed to Outdoor Weathering.  



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