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Computer Imprintable Hose Labels - the Latest Preventative Maintenance Solution within Fluid Power

Sandvik hose marker labels

The importance of labelling is often underestimated when preventative maintenance programs are designed and implemented within the fluid power industry. 

All businesses and operators using fluid power transmissions (hydraulics and pneumatics) want to prevent downtime and improve safety. However, more often than not it is the hose which is a common component most prone to failure as unfortunately they do not last forever! 

In fact it is a legal requirement under EU health and safety law, power regulations and the 
Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED) that those responsible for work activities ensure that hazards are adequately identified risks are adequately assessed and that suitable control measures are put into place.

If a hose fails it can...

  • Result in production downtime
  • Cause costly emergency repairs.
  • Compromise worker safety

Using computer imprintable self-laminating hose labels as part of your regular maintenance and preventative inspections will help identify key hose information such as life expectancy, before problems occur.


Self-laminating hose labels are printable using a laser or thermal transfer printer and are durable enough to survive in industrial environments and weather conditions protecting crucial data such as pressure ratings, temperature ranges, barcodes, date, hose life and manufacturer information etc.

They feature a clear, wrap-around protective tail to seal and safeguard all printed data. (Fig. A.) Hose labels can also be manufactured in a flag format to provide more label information for smaller diameter hoses. (Fig. B.)

Self laminating label diagramFlag Label


  • Less equipment downtime and reduced repair costs by identifying hose weaknesses before failure and loss of production
  • Minimise Safety hazards
  • Adhere to industry standards e.g. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), EN (European Norm), DIN (Deutsche Institute fur Normung), MDG 41 (Guideline for Fluid Power Safety at Mines) and ISO (International Standards Organization).

Hose marker


Of course, industrial conditions can vary significantly and finding labels that can survive as well as your hoses can be difficult.

CILS are an associate member of the BFPA (British Fluid Power Association) and can advise you on the most appropriate label for your system. CILS simplifies the process of sourcing durable labels by offering a free consultation, using extensive industry knowledge to manufacture and supply the most appropriate label solution for your needs.

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