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France prepares for the new F-gas and Co2 identification law - 1st July deadline

F-gas compliant label

From 1st July 2016, operators in France conducting mandatory leak checks of equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases must label the equipment indicating that it has been checked according to Art. R543-79-1 of Decree 2015-1790 by the French minister of environment, Energy and Marine.

To help operators comply with article R543-79-1, we have developed durable ‘leak check’ identification labels. These are manufactured to regulation guidelines which specify a blue, circular ‘sealing control’ label to certify approved equipment , or a red, circular label to indicate ‘lack of seal’ if a leak is found. The labels feature a space for authorisation codes, issued by the auditing body, which can be handwritten, printed using a thermal transfer printer or provided ready printed from data supplied.

‘Leak check’ identification labels perfectly complement CILS durable, computer printable F-Gas product identification labels which can be made to each customers requirements. The labels are durable for outdoor use in industrial environments and feature a solvent acrylic adhesive that cures onto the product and wont break down with age, unlike water based acrylic adhesives.

From the 1st January 2017, the revised (EU) No 517/2014 regulation states that equipment containing F-Gases must be labelled with a the name of the refrigerant, the quantity of gas expressed in kg and CO2 equivalent along with the global warming potential (GWP) value of the refrigerant.

F-gas label for Engie including QR codes

Example 1:

CILS durable label manufactured and supplied with customers data and QR code ready printed. The labels are also available for the customer to print using a Laser or Thermal Transfer printer.

Example 2:

Durable hand writable version with an attached easy to apply laminate to create a durable hand written solution.

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