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Hydraulic Hose Labelling Software

Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS



Identifying Hydraulic Hoses is vital for you to make sure that your customers can quickly and easily see your company re-order details and any other technical information you may wish to add.

The important hose information relating to the date of manufacture, pressure, etc. is usually printed directly onto the hose by the manufacturer but if you need to add that information to your label as well, the ideal time to apply your hose label is when you cut your selected length and fit the couplings.

If you purchase label design and print software such as NiceLabel, you have the flexibility to create your own hydraulic hose label designs and print them with a thermal transfer printer or a standard office laser printer.

Designing labels is very easy, and the NiceLabel design interface will be very familiar to Microsoft Word users. You don’t need to have any experience of designing labels or creating barcodes, etc. to be able to design and print your labels.

You can set up text fields for the information that will be the same every time, such as your company logo, contact and reorder details, or instructions and text fields that may vary from label to label. You can create a keyboard prompt asking for the software user to follow instructions such as ‘Enter Part Number’ or ‘Enter MFG Date’, etc.

Serial numbers can be easily entered and remain static or the software can increment the numbers as you wish. All data can be presented in a barcode format.

You have the functionality to create a generic label that can be used for multiple part numbers with text prompts as described above, or you can create and ‘save’ individual label designs to recall and print when you need them.

It is also possible to link your software to a database if required, but this may need a higher level of software and IT skill but is a very common label printing solution for larger hydraulic hose suppliers.

If you would like to talk through the capabilities of hydraulic hose labelling software, call, email, live-chat or fill in a form and one of our technical specialists will help you determine the level of software you need. 


The below video demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to print and apply hose labels using the Nicelabel software.

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