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Secretly Secure: New holographic “void” labels work harder to protect your products from fraud

CILS International is offering the first completely transparent “void” labels with a holographic adhesive. The CIL-8100CVH labels provide an instant indication of deliberate tampering, with the holographic security film adding an extra level of insurance compared to standard “void” labelling products.

If the label is removed, the security message becomes immediately visible on both parts of the label, providing unmistakable evidence of attempted fraud even if the label is replaced or moved. While regular “void” label materials are relatively easy to source (making your labels susceptible to imitation), the unique holographic adhesive used in the CIL‑8100CVH labels is much harder to duplicate.

Before being applied, labels look like standard, clear polyester labels, with both the “void” adhesive and holographic element being completely undetectable. CIL-8100CVH labels are printable with a standard thermal transfer printer, and are ideal for asset identification, branding, warranty control, and much more.

CIL-8100CVH labels are ideal for high value products that are particularly susceptible to alteration an imitation, and can be used as asset identification, safety labels or as security seals on your product casing or outer packaging. The label range will stay secure for the lifetime of your product; resisting abrasion, chemicals / solvents, outdoor conditions and much more.

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