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Oil rigs adopt computer Imprintable label method for safety compliance

Hose marker label attached to a hose

An ‘off-shore’ oil rig operator turned to CILS to help pass a health and safety audit as their hose labels were peeling off and printed data had become illegible when exposed to weathering, abrasion and hydraulic fluids etc.

Technically developed for hoses for ‘off-shore’ industrial environments CILS 91000-DHL/TK computer printable labels feature a clear over-laminating wrap-around tail which seals and protects printed data against extreme temperatures (-80ºC+155ºC), hydraulic fluids, solvents, oils/grease, fuels, severe abrasion and weathering.

Uniquely constructed with an industrial-grade solvent acrylic adhesive, the CILS-91000TK labels deliver lifelong adhesion and maximum label performance. CILS supply over 300 oil platforms around the world to solve this problem.

Available in any size, shape or colour, 91000-DHL/TK labels offer a ‘hassle-free, print on-demand’ approach to hose identification and traceability to help meet health and safety compliance audits. 

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