UL labels - what is a UL file number?

We have put together a product offering of 48 different blank, partially printed and completely printed labels. Samples of each of these labels have been submitted to UL for testing, the results of which are kept in a physical UL file which is what the UL file number refers to. A summary of these tests are then available to see in the UL directory and are called yellow cards.

Yellow cards are published on the UL directory for all to see. All you need is the specific UL file number and you'll be able to see the test and results for that label material. There will be lots of information available including the the surfaces that the labels were applied to, the chemical and solvents used for testing durability, whether they were tested for indoor or outdoor use and most importantly the type of toner and thermal transfer ribbon that was used. 

It is important to ensure you are using the exact same toner cartridge and thermal transfer ribbon as noted down in the UL file and the yellow card because if you don't then the label won't be UL approved.

If you have any requirements for UL approved labels, please contact us and our team of specialists will be more than happy to help.


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