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Our priority is helping our customers get the information they need to quickly and efficiently resolve their labelling challenges. Whatever the situation, we’re always here, ready to listen to your needs and make sure you get the best label for your application.

Sometimes this means going out to visit our customers, to provide hands-on, technical advice for the most durable thermal transfer printing. Or, it might be to conduct label performance reviews, checking if previously-perfect label constructions could be improved upon with new technologies or material updates.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been updating some of our most popular product ranges and FAQ page - responding to the valued feedback from our customers - to make it even easier for you to identify the exact labels you need, without over- or under-engineering.

So far, we’ve reviewed three of our most popular laboratory labelling applications, and refined them into three simple offerings; labels for microslides, labels for clinical trials, and labels for long-term, low-temperature storage. Each product range has a new, comprehensive datasheet detailing the specifications of the best labels for each job – contact us for more information.

laboratory slides

The Slide Label range offers labels with maximum resistance to moisture, stains and dyes, and solvents (including xylene), without peeling, smudging or disintegrating. We’ve got two case studies to go alongside this topic, highlighting how appropriate labelling can cut costs and streamline both manual and automated histology processes.

Clinical Study Logistics Labels

Our Clinical Study Logistics Labels have been chosen for their tolerance of fluctuating temperatures – no more peeling labels when samples are transferred between collection points, cold transit and freezer storage. They’re also manufactured in rolls, sheets or booklets; tailored to match the individual study requirements and maximise the distribution efficiency for clinical trial managers and co-ordinators.

Freezer and Cryo Label range

The updated Freezer and Cryo Label range includes labels with the best performance in temperatures down to -196°C, so sample identification stays secure on tubes and vials, and can be easily read and scanned for tracking and tracing.

The quickest way to more information about any of our laboratory labels is to call us on 01903 219000. Alternatively, you can find out more using the following links:

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