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Oliver StocktonWritten by Oliver Stockton, Managing Director, CILS


As industry starts looking beyond COVID-19 lockdown let us provide ideas and suggestions to improve label performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

No business has escaped the need to rethink how they operate for the welfare of their staff and/or for business continuity during these unprecedented times with the financial impact still unknown.

With increasing financial uncertainty, companies from across all industries are turning to us to review their durable labelling to:

  • improve label performance and reduce waste
  • consolidate label sizes, materials and designs to reduce costs
  • bring label printing in house to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • explore different purchase patterns for improved economy
  • see if upgrading to our unique CILS 3.0® print technology will better represent your brand for a competitive advantage
  • free up valuable staff resources and save time by providing the labels with data already printed
  • discuss any other ideas that are on your mind.

We can ‘virtually’ visit you to review your labels – here’s how.

With no sign of the international travel embargo or physical distancing measures being lifted anytime soon, we continue to conduct label reviews using the digital facilities at our disposal.

We continue to visit customer facilities to review labels, print stations, etc. albeit by live video on a mobile phone rather than in person. It has been a great success!

Whether we see your labels ‘as used, in situ’, to provide rationalisation ideas, see the quality of what you are printing to make simple improvement suggestions, or help eliminate wasted labels at a print station, a video-based performance review is a very efficient way of working with you.

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