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Q & A: UL Mark approval process for the ‘L’ Type Follow-up Service

What is the UL Mark approval process for the ‘L’ Type Follow-up Service? (LISTED, CLASSIFIED, RECOGNISED, CERTIFIED)

  1. The customer receives product certification

  2. The UL Mark elements are usually included in the file procedure

  3. The customer contacts their UL Label Centre to receive the instructions to order Type ‘L’ combination labels and a template (if needed)

  4. The customer downloads legacy UL Marks from UL website or requests the Enhanced Mark via the  UL ‘Marks Hub’

  5. The customer prepares a layout and submits it to the UL Label Centre for approval

  6. The customer sends the approved label layout to the UL Label Centre and to the PGAA approved supplier with their purchase order:

  7. The UL Label Centre raises an authorisation with a serial or lot # (depending on the kind of labels) and sends the authorisation both to the UL approved label supplier and to the customer. When a label design is approved for the first time, the UL Label Centre usually asks for proof from the supplier for review and approval before printing.

  8. The PGAA approved supplier prints the labels and sends them to the ‘SHIP TO’ address indicated on the UL authorisation.

Step from 1 to 8 to be repeated for new label layouts

Step from 6 to 8 will be repeated at each new order of an approved.

Refer to our CILS flowchart showing the application and order process for UL's ‘L’ Type Follow-up Service - click here

What is the UL Legacy Mark?

The UL Legacy Marks are the traditional series of ‘Listed’ and ‘Classified’ marks which can be downloaded from the UL website with details of their use. Currently optional.

What is the UL Enhanced Mark?

This mark will eventually replace the Legacy Marks and has a more modular approach to illustrate the attributes of a product. The Enhanced Mark is created through the Marks Hub.

What does the UL Label Centre review cover?

The review covers the elements of the UL Mark requirements as described on the 'Listings and Certifications Mark Data Page' in the Follow-Up Service Procedure for the customer’s product or the Guide Information page for the category. The elements that are typically required are the appropriate UL logo, product identity, and a control number assigned by UL or file number.

Does UL Label Centre UL Mark approval mean the label itself is UL approved?

The acceptance of the UL Mark composition does not include the review of the engineering specifications, warning markings or the appropriate marking and labelling system material which may be required by UL’s engineering staff for the customers' product.

Does the UL Label Centre review and approve the UL Component Mark?

The UL Label Centre does not review recognised component labelling marks/finished product type logos [shown below]. The artwork doesn’t require an approval stamp and any PGAA approved label supplier can reproduce them without anything from UL (stamp or other).

UL finished product type logos

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