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January 1st 2017 marked the final deadline for compliance with the new EU F gas regulation (517/2014), yet many companies are still being stung with penalties for failing to properly meet its requirements.

The updates to the Regulation require that all refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) equipment is clearly labelled with the following information:

  • Explicit notice that the labelled unit contains fluorinated greenhouse gas
  • The type of refrigerant used, and its quantity in kilograms
  • The GWP (Global Warming Potential) of the refrigerant in equivalent CO2
  • A reference that gases are contained in hermetically sealed equipment, if applicable

Not only are RACHP unit manufacturers responsible for compliant labelling, but companies providing installation, operation and maintenance services for commercial units are also required to comply.

This includes retroactively labelling all units that contain F gases, performing “leak checks” on RACHP equipment above certain thresholds, and maintaining clear records for the lifetime of each unit.

Finding labels durable enough for this task can be a challenge – RACHP units are almost always fully exposed to the elements, and may be kept in use for several years.

Thankfully Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) has been on hand to assist, quickly fulfilling the increasing demand for technical F gas labels as firms realised they are inadvertently breaching the EU law.

Sensitive to the urgency of our customers’ deadlines, the CILS Label Technology Centre has manufactured a full range of labels for F gas compliance, including unit identification and “leak check” labels, perfect for long-term, outdoor use.


These labels feature a permanent, solvent acrylic adhesive that will stay secure on smooth or textured surfaces, and technology to protect printed or written data against UV exposure, harsh weathering, fluctuating temperatures and abrasion.

CILS F gas labels can be delivered fully pre-printed, part printed (ready for in-house completion with a laser or thermal transfer printer), or handwriteable for on-site use.

The CILS Sign and Seal range has been particularly popular, as it allows RACHP engineers to complete labels in-situ.

These can be customised with any required fields and corporate logos, and manufactured in any shape or size with a turnaround of under two weeks - contact us for more information.

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