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We know how important it is for your products to meet all approval criteria for the countries in which they are sold. If your products are sold in the US or Canada, you may be required to ensure that all components, including labels, are approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for indoor or outdoor use. We have spent a considerable amount of time understanding the complexities of UL Labelling, so that we can offer guidance to you on the UL approval process.

We have a created some useful resources, including videos, blog articles and e-books, that will begin to explain the basics of UL approved labels. View our full UL article library below.

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Q & A: Everything to do with UL Marks

The process for putting a UL Mark onto a ‘Combined Label’ is incredibly complicated and to help our customers we have compiled this guide in a question and answer format.

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Q & A: UL Mark approval process for the ‘L’ Type Follow-up Service

What is the UL Mark approval process for the ‘L’ Type Follow-up Service (LISTED, CLASSIFIED, RECOGNISED, CERTIFIED)?

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Q & A: UL Mark approval process for the ‘R’ Type Follow-up Service

What is the full UL Mark approval process for the ‘R’ Type Follow-up Service? (LISTED, CLASSIFIED, CERTIFIED)

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An Overview of PGAA

There are various steps you need to follow in order to obtain the UL mark and put it onto your products if using a label. This blog provides a short overview of PGAA.

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Avoid extra UL label costs with UL ‘combination’ or ‘custom’ labels

Incorporate the UL Mark into your existing design.

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Are CILS Labels approved for all UL categories?

We reviewed our customer’s typical requirements for products and component labels that needed UL 969 approved labels and then created a UL approved label product offering of 48 different label constructions to cover the majority of customer needs.

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How we help with UL Label Design Assistance

We recently worked with a manufacturer of air purifiers who was going through the UL process and needed design assistance to create the label artwork.

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CILS ‘UL recognised’ durable label range helps manufacturers meet UL compliance

A range of durable, printable blank labels enabling customers worldwide to print their own UL recognised component labels.

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Source the right UL label for your product

If you have a UL listed finished product, or are preparing to have your product UL approved, then this blog will help you understand where to get advice and how to source UL compliant identification labels specific to your product.

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