CILS durable labels help safeguard their customers' hose tracking programme

Read how we delivered a simple durable labelling solution to one of Europe's best known fluid transfer solutions specialists 


Our customer provides fluid transfer solutions, products and services to a wide range of industries across the UK and Europe. They operate a Total Hose Management programme to take the worry out of hose maintenance. They were experiencing problems with the hydraulic hose labels they were using and needed a more durable solution that wouldn’t fade when exposed to the various environments where their labels are used.


They found that the red print on their labels was fading. This red print is a colour code that indicates the year of manufacture. They found that after a while the labels were turning orange which was jeopardising the efficiency of their hose tracking, and the failure of the colour coding would was having an impact on the effectiveness of their entire hose programme.


The challenge was that they had already purchased some thermal transfer printers, but their supplier had configured the printers to only work on their limited range of labels, and it was those labels that were failing.


Having provided similar durable hose label solutions for hundreds of clients in the Automotive, Plant Hire, Defence, Marine & Offshore and Mining & Quarrying industries, and being very familiar with their excellent thermal transfer printers, we were confident that our hose labels would meet the durability needs of their industrial hose identification processes and that they could be printed without the need for any new printers.

Our labels were tested and approved and a simple factory reset on the thermal transfer printers meant that their existing printers could be used to print on CILS durable labels.

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