Printable Blank UL Component Labels

Making UL component labelling simple.

As an approved supplier of 'UL recognised' labels, we understand the importance of providing labels that are designed for end-use durability while meeting your specific UL compliance/audit criteria.

Our range of 30 computer printable, blank label materials have been tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to the UL 969 Marking and Labelling Systems standard and are recognised under PGJI2 (USA) and PGJI8 (Canada) category codes for use on a wide variety of UL certified products.

We work with you to understand and match the correct ‘UL recognised’ durable component label specifically for your product and supply them ready for you to print and apply.

Contact us to find out which UL recognised label is right for your product.

Benefits include:

  • Personal service: Our technical labelling team will recommend the best UL recognised computer printable label matched perfectly to your requirements.
  • A UL label for every application: Our large range of 30 UL recognised materials covers the majority of industrial component applications and end-use requirements
  • Traceability: CILS UL recognised labels will satisfy the UL compliance criteria and provide the necessary audit trail required for UL product certification.
  • Fast Manufacture: Labels are manufactured to any size, shape and dispatched within the industry’s fastest lead times.

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